Pre and Post Conference Tours

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The Galicia Jewish Museum is pleased to present a choice of fascinating and unique pre/ post conference tours that will tell the story and explore the traces of Jewish heritage outside of Kraków. Bookings are made directly with the Museum, and tours are priced at between 130 and 250 PLN (approximately £25 – £50), which includes transportation and an English speaking guide.

Find our more about the Galicia Jewish Museum here.

Three cities: one story. Traces of Jewish heritage in Bochnia, Nowy Wiśnicz and Brzesko

Tour date: Friday 7 September, 14:00

The Jewish community in Bochnia was established in the 15th century. Jews lived there till the beginning of 17th century, when they were expelled following false accusations of Host desecration. Then the town got de non tolerandis Judeis status . The owner of nearby town of Nowy Wiśnicz decided to invite the expelled community, and grant their rights.The situation had changed under Austrian rule, when Jews became equal citizens of Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and those who lived in Nowy Wiśnicz started to settle back in Bochnia. The presence of the Jews in Brzesko dates back to 14th century, but the community developed about three hundred years later, when Jews from nearby Bochnia were expelled. Today it is one of the few towns in Poland where one can find preserved buildings of former mikveh and synagogues, and a Jewish cemetery.

Kraków – Bochnia – Nowy Wiśnicz – Brzesko – Kraków (max 5h)

14.00 Coach and English-speaking guide meet the group in Kraków. Meeting point – Galicia Jewish Museum(Dajwór 18, Kraków)

14.40-15.30 Tour of Bochnia, including local Jewish cemetery

16.00-16.40 Visit at the Jewish cemetery in NowyWiśnicz

17.20-18.20 Tour of Brzesko including former synagogue and Jewish cemetery

19.00 Return to Kraków

Rate: PLN 130/p. (including transportation and English-speaking guide)

How to book:
Via email:

Each tour will only take place if min. 10 persons decide to take part in it. Maximum number of participants is 40 per tour.

Payment method:
By cash or credit card at the front desk of Galicia Jewish Museum (Dajwór 18, Kraków), before the tour, on 05.09.2018 at latest. Galicia Jewish museum is open daily 10.0018.00.


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