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Facing the challenges of European Jewish heritage projects

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Creating a Future for Places of Religion and Ritual – Heritage Promotion and Protection in Europe and Beyond

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Mapping the Historic Synagogues of Europe

City of Leipzig

Municipalities and their Contributions to urban Jewish Heritage


Author Paper Title Affiliation Country
Hester Abrams “House of Life” Interpreting 150 years of Jewish life at Willesden Cemetery The United Synagogue UK
Daniele Abreu e Lima and Chloe Fitzpatrick Diaspora by Design: Jewish Refugee Architects in New Zealand Victoria University of Wellington, School of Architecture New Zealand
Daniele Abreu e Lima and Nigel Isaacs Max Rosenfeld: The New Zealand’s Home Architect Victoria University of Wellington, School of Architecture New Zealand
Lucia Apostol The Presence of Absence- Time for healing Saving the Urban Jewish Heritage – a Mission and a shared Responsibility The Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania Romania
Anastasia Badder and Jakub Bronec Negotiating the Past, Present, and Future: The Luxembourg Jewish Museum Project as a Process of Contested Memory and Imagined Futures University of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Uri Bar-Ner The Izmir Project Independent Researcher .
Michele Baussant Facing the disappearance of Egyptian Jewry: The religious heritage, between recognition, ambivalence and rejection French Center of Research in Jerusalem / French National Center of Research France/Israël
Graham Bell 2018 European Year of [Jewish?] Cultural Heritage Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (University of Pannonia) Hungary
Dan Ben-Canaan Engineering History – The Reconstruction of the Harbin Old Synagogue: A Case Study in Interpreting and Engineering Other’s Past in China Northeast Forestry University, School of Postgraduate Studies, The Sino-Israel Research and Study Center, The HarbinJewish Culture Association China
Zofia Biernacka They fill no space. Outdoor exhibition about reviving the memory  of Polish Jews in public spaces. POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland
Brenda Lee Bohen ‎דבר אחר in Ancient Rome:  Understanding Greco-Roman History through Torah and Historic Preservation Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning & Leadership USA
Brenda Lee Bohen A Mitzvah In Historic Preservation: The Need For Conservation Of Roman Jewish Stone Epitaphs Department of Historic Preservation, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago USA
Anna Maria Borowska and Evert Verhoeven “Bet Kevarot”- Jewish heritage in urban planning: challenges and opportunities Technische Universität Wien (TU Vienna, Austria) / Erfgoed Brabant Austria / The Netherlands
Dr. Bedour Braker From 80,000 to Only 8 Persons: Tracing the Urban Heritage of the Dwindling Jewish Community in Modern Cairo Freelance Researcher Germany
Dr. Melanie Brown Jewish Dublin Within and Without:  Drawing a Jewish Cultural Trail Though the Narrative of Dublin’s Thousand-Year-Old History Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Sonia Catrina Urban Heritage with(out) Heirs:  Managing (Un)covered Traces of the Jewish Presence on the Romanian territories “Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania Romania
Tomasz Cebulski Is progressing commercialization of Jewish heritage sites a path to commemoration or oblivion. The study case of Kazimierz District POLIN Travel Poland
Ewa Chomicka Presence/ Absence/ Traces. Contemporary Artists on Jewish Warsaw POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland
David Clark Reclaiming partial use of a synagogue for a Jewish Museum: Challenges and Opportunities in a small town in Ukraine. Independent Researcher UK
Noga Collins-Kreiner, Biljana Petrevska and Shaul Krakover Developing the Jewish Heritage Tourism Product University of Haifa, Goce Delcev University, University of the Negev Israel and Macedonia
Lucia Conte The Recovery of the Medieval Synagogue and Jewish Quarter in the Town of the Printing-Press: a Long-awaited Opportunity for Híjar (Spain) Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Tarbut Sefarad Spain
Andrea Corsale Jewish heritage in Bucharest. Destruction, rebirth and opportunities University of Cagliari Italy
Cultural Department, Museums of the City of Regensburg Regensburg’s Jewish Heritage University of Munich (LMU) Germany
Kamila Dąbrowska and Łucja Koch Challenges and achievements. Polin Museum’s approach to educational programming POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland
Maria João Raminhos Duarte The Faro Jewish Cemetery and the cypresses of tolerance ISMAT – Institut Manuel Teixeira Gomes and IHC (Institute of Contemporary History) of Nova University in Lisbon Portugal
Magdalena Duda-Seifert Jewish Heritage in a major City Destination and its Appeal for Tourists Wrocław University Poland
Anna K. Dulska The Juderías of Navarre: (in)visibility of Jewish Urban Heritage Institute for Culture and Society, University of Navarra Spain
Daniel Dumitran Reconstruction of an absence: The Jewish community from Alba Iulia (Romania) in the context of accelerated urban development 1 Decembrie 1918 University of Alba Iulia România
Lama El Sharief Tourism and Tolerance at Beit al-Dakira Museum in Essaouira, Morocco Purdue University USA
Hilal Erşan and Şevket Erşan In the Context of Urban, Cultural and Physical Features of Jewish Heritage in Balat-Istanbul: Hospital of Or-Ahayim Istanbul Technical University, RWTH Aachen University Turkey / Germany
Inbal Feller The Maccabiah Games: Synthesizing Heritage and Modern Tourism Jewish History department, Tel-Aviv University Israel
Susanne Floerke 100 Years of Management for the Jewish Cemetery Judensand in Mainz ShUM-Cities Association Germany
Jason Francisco A Study in Ambivalent Heritage:  The Former Płaszów Camp in Kraków Emory University USA
Dr Abigail Gardner and Paul Zinder Take Them In: Documenting the Women of an Orthodox Jewish Community University of Gloucestershire UK
Fani Gargova Sofia: The City without a Jewish History University of Vienna Austria
Jerzy Gawronski and Marijn Stolk Diaspora and Identity: Archaeology of material life, ethnicity, and diet in Vlooienburg, the Jewish district of Amsterdam AD 1600-1800 Monuments and Archaeology City of Amsterdam, Department of Archaeology University of Amsterdam Holland
Asya Gefter Fragments of memory Independent Researcher UK
Arunas Gelunas Towards the Architectural Legacy of Litvaks:  the Jewels of Kaunas Modernism of the 1920ties and 1930ties Lithuanian Parliament Lithuania
Jack Gottlieb Towards a Sustainable Model of Urban Jewish Heritage Tourism: The World Jewish Travel Project World Jewish Travel Israel
Sylvia Clare Griffin Presence and Absence: The Role of Contemporary Art in Engaging with Jewish Heritage Aumni of University of Sydney Australia
Nigel Grizzard Three Historic Synagogues Become One Saving Jewish Heritage in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK JHSE Leeds UK
Rachel B. Gross Ghosts in the Gallery: Historic Synagogues and American Jewish Nostalgia San Francisco State University USA
Ruth Ellen Gruber Then, then and now: Reconsidering Marvin Lowenthal’s remarkable 1933 Jewish guidebook “A World Passed By” Jewish Heritage Europe USA/Italy/Hungary
Dr. Annegret Haase, Melanie Riedlinger Gentrification of historic quarters and the conciliatory function of urban heritage: the case of Kraków’s Jewish district, Kazimierz Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ/ Leipzig/ Germany Germany
Norbert Haase The New Synagogue of Görlitz as a cultural forum – new developments in the European city at the Central European border triangle Saxon State Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts Germany
Mohsen Hamli Djerba’s Ghriba Synagogue as an Intercultural Mediator University of Manouba Tunisia
Małgorzata Hanzl About the citygenic role of Jewish culture: Case study of prewar central Poland Technical University of Lodz Poland
Dr. Ulf Heinsohn and  Steffi Katschke Encounter – Remember and Commemorate – Research in the Max-Samuel-Haus in Rostock Foundation of Rostock’s Centre of Encounter for Jewish History and Culture / Max-Samuel-Haus Germany
Eva Hussain Connecting Millennials to their Polish Jewish heritage through EU citizenship Australian Society of Polish Jews and Their Descendants; Polish Community Services of Victoria; Polaron European Citizenship Australia
Nathanja Hüttenmeister Memories restored – ‘epidat’, the Database of Jewish Epigraphy Steinheim-Institute for German-Jewish History at the University of Duisburg-Essen Germany
Anna Jagiellak and Anna Woźniak Jewish heritage in Warsaw – The Warsaw Ghetto project. Heritage Protection Office, City of Warsaw Poland
Joanna Kabrońska Neither Forgotten nor Remembered: Urban Jewish Heritage in Suwałki Gdańsk University of Technology Poland
Marketa Kaburkova From Tablets to Chalices National Museum Archive Czech Republic
Bente Kahan and Marek Mielczarek How to use Jewish Heritage: Combining culture, education, history and religion Bente Kahan Foundation (Fundacja Bente Kahan) Poland
Kaja Kajder Ghetto Heroes’ Square. Commemoration Practices and Heritage Forming Processes Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the Jagiellonian University Poland
Samuel Kantor Religious Collection and Interpreting Communities: Diversifying narratives of the North American Jewish diaspora University of Toronto Canada
Parham Karimi and Aziza Chaouni Jewish Heritage of Yazd and Fez: a Comparative Study of Memory, Urban Tourism, and Sustainability The University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design Canada
Nermina Katkic Reviving the forgotten Jewish heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Case of the old Jewish cemetery in Sarajevo Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Barbara Kintaert Servitengasse Project Presentation Independent Researcher .
Anna Klimovich Solomon Yudovin’s Heritage Portreting the Beshenkovichi Shtetl Independent Researcher Russia
Dražen Klinčić Preservation and protection measures including the promotion of Jewish cultural heritage in Croatia by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia: Preliminary Study Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia Croatia
Valerii Kononenko The role of Podillia cities in preserving the cultural, spiritual and historical heritage of the Jewish people Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University Ukraine
Sergey Kravtsov The Space of Synagogues in Lviv: History and Challenges Center for Jewish Art,  Hebrew University of Jerusalem .
Monika Krawczyk Jewish Urban Heritage in Small Towns in Poland: Revitalization Projects in Zamość, Kraśnik and Przysucha – based on Experience of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland, The University of Rzeszow Poland
Sarah Laubenstein The Jewish Medieval Heritage of Erfurt City of Erfurt Germany
Kinga Lewandowska-Doleszczak and Zofia Biernacka Discovering local Jewish heritage. The Museum on Wheels and its accompanying activities POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland
Poppy Learman and Elizabeth Stewart Exploring Stories of Liverpool’s Jewish Community Museum of Liverpool / Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine UK
Rachel Lichtenstein Touristic experiences of Jewish heritage in East London Manchester Met University, Manchester and Sandys Row Synagogue, London UK
Michael Locher Learning from Berlin: How to plan an urban area that becomes home to a Jewish community Bern University of Applied Sciences Switzerland
Bharain Mac an Bhreithiun-Bertapelli Contested Narratives of Place and the Politics of Memory: Yiddish and Esperanto in the Linguistic Landscapes of Central Europe. Middlesex University London UK
Dominik Mączyński Polish wooden synagogues National Heritage Board of Poland Poland
Paul Mahringer Jewish Heritage in Austria: Monuments and sights, awareness and protection Bundesdenkmalamt (Federal Monuments Authority Austria) Austria
Emil Majuk Shtetl Routes. Contexts of Jewish heritage tourism in the borderland of Poland, Ukraine and Belarus “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre (Lublin, Poland) Poland
Lívia Rőczei Programme for renewing Jewish cemeteries in Hungary Prime Minister’s Office Hungary
Paul Maloney and Adrienne Scullion Transnational Jewish theatre: the Glasgow Jewish Institute Players and The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto Queen’s University Belfast UK
Ruth Mandel and Rachel Lehr Memories at the margins:  Stolpersteine and grievability in Norway UCL  and University of Colorado, Boulder UK / USA
Zsófia Maróti The hidden Jewish heritage of Lipótváros Central European University Hungary
Igor Marsenić Disappearance and Reconstruction. The Case of the Synagogue in Šabac City Council of City of Šabac Republic of Serbia
António Pita Preservation of the urban jewish legacy of Castelo de Vide – Portugal Câmara Municipal de Castelo de Vide Portugal
Ilona Matkovszki The Budapest Jewish Quarter: An empirical analysis and evaluation of the post-socialist transformation of its built environment as visible expression of Jewish culture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Maya Mazor Tregerman Protective universalism: Travel guidebooks and Israeli tourist identities University of Haifa Israel
Susana Milão, Paulo Mendes Pinto New routes of Sepharad: lands of Portugal Laboratório de Investigação Arquitectura e Design ESAP/Universidade Lusófona, Lisboa / Cátedra de Estudos Sefarditas Alberto Beneviste (UL) / Associação Rede de Judiarias de Portugal Portugal
Daniel Monterescu and Alexandra Kowalski Urban Jewish Memory Between Revival and Repression: Dialectics of Lieux and Non-Lieux de Mémoire in Budapest  Central European University Hungary
Yoann Morvan Georgian Jewish heritage at the crossroads:  Between national policy, Georgian Jews nostalgia and Israeli tourism Junior Researcher CNRS Idemec Aix Marseille University France
Yamit Moskovich The development of tourism around Jewish Heritage as a base of Relationship between Nations – Test Case Israeli House Georgia
Alicja Mroczkowska Negotiating strategies and methods for the preservation of Jewish cemeteries in Poland The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, University of Warsaw Poland
Valeria Navarro Rosenblatt Memory, and politics in the Jewish-Chilean community: private and public remembrance of the Jewish victims of State repression. Universidad Cardenal Silva Henríquez, Universidad Diego Portales. (Chile) Chile
Marius Gabriel Neculae The Jewish urban heritage from Ramnicu Sarat, Romania: past and present Muzeul Municipal Ramnicu Sarat/ The Ramnicu Sarat Municipal Museum Romania
Prof. Ferenc Olti and Prof. Peter Sugar New approach of preserving an old synagogue and put it into the digitalized age Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association, Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture Hungary
Molly Theodora Oringer Spatial Relations: Post-War Rehabilitation and the Afterlives of Jewish Terrains in Lebanon UCLA USA
Michal Arend and Daniela Orlando Černovice and Pacov: Two Small Rural Czech Towns and Their Jewish Heritage Černovice Jewish Monument association, Tikkun Pacov synagogue association Czech Republic
Maria R. Osuna Alarcón Tensions, disruptions and cultural transmissions in a Jewish neighbourhood in Spain. University of Salamanca. Faculty of Translation and Documentation. Spain
Prof.Dr. Aysun Ozkose Public and Private Bathing in Jewish Quarter in Ankara Turkey Karabuk University Turkey
Astrid Peterle OT. An urban memorial project by the Jewish Museum Vienna Jewish Museum Vienna Austria
Shaoni Pramanick Through the Flavours of History: A Jewish Community Food Museum Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University India
Marta Puig Quixal Discover the world of the Sephardic Jewish RED DE JUDERIAS DE ESPAÑA – CAMINOS DE SEFARAD SPAIN
Sharon Reichel Why Ferrara? The case of the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah Italia
Daniel Rende We’re on a Mission from G-d: Thornhill as a Walkable Jewish Suburb Independent Researcher Canada
Carla Ribeiro and Cristina  Maia The Jewish community in Porto: Intangible and tangible cultural heritage as seen by tourists School of Education of the Porto Polytechnic, CITCEM – Transdisciplinary Research Centre «Culture, Space and Memory» of Humanities Faculty, Porto University Portugal
Debra Brunner and Magda Rubenfeld Koralewska The potential of heritage projects for community capacity building: Complexities, challenges and opportunities The Together Plan, Fellow of the RSA and participant in the recently launched Heritage Network; Beit Krakow Progressive Jewish Community; FestivALT – a new space for Jewish art and ideas in Krakow Poland/UK/Belarus
Tijana Rupčić Jewish cemeteries: the last guardians of memory of the Jews of northern Banat, Vojvodina, Serbia Jewish Community Kikinda, Historical Archive Kikinda Serbia
Naomi Koster and Jeroen Schilt Jewish Cultural Heritage in the built Environment of contemporary Amsterdam Monuments & Archaeology City of Amsterdam Netherlands
Zuzanna Schnepf-Kołacz Waliców Project: Form and Transformation. A Memorial of the present between former Warsaw Ghetto’s ruins POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Poland
Benigna Schönhagen Two Synagogues, One City. Challenges and opportunities Jewish Culture Museum Augsburg-Swabia Germany
Maryna Semenchenko, Tigran Haas Complex Design Approaches to the Memory Representation in Public Space KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
Leslie Soble From Bagels to Baklava: Exploring New York City’s Jewish Heritage Through Food Independent Researcher USA
Beverley-Jane Stewart Spaces in Context The British Royal Society of Arts, Board of Deputies in conjunction with The Home Office UK
Ksenia Surikova Interpretation of Jewish heritage in Moscow museums: memorialization, integration, identification. Saint-Petersburg State University Russia
Eszter Susán Jewish neighborhoods of Budapest remembered in the autobiographies 
of three generation of Hungarian Jewish women New York University, Education and Jewish studies programme Hungary / USA
Petr Svoboda and Petra Svobodová Exploring the History of the Jewish Textile Industrialists in Brno (Czech Rep.) National Heritage Institute, Museum of the Brno Region Czech Republic
Erika Szívós Jewish Budapest as heritage: Rediscovery and reinvention since 1990 Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), Budapest Hungary
Klara Stephanie Szlezák Urban Jewish Heritage as Global Jewish Heritage: Exhibiting Global Jewish Experience at The Jewish Museum at New York University of Passau Germany
Gesa Trojan, M.A. Bound by the Wisdom of Gefilte Fish. Fish Consumption as Part of Urban Jewish Heritage in North American Cities Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technische Universität Berlin Germany
Dr. Christiane Twiehaus The museums project MiQua. LVR – Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne, Germany LVR (Rhineland Regional Council, Cologne): MiQua. LVR-Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne Germany
Dr Susanne Urban Filling spaces of Jewish Heritage with intangible stories ShUM-Cities Association Germany
Martynas Uzpelkis Lithuanian former Shtetlekh as tourist destinations. Starting a journey Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community Lithuania
Domante Vabuolaite The Jewish Cultural Heritage in Lithuania Kaunas University of Technology Lithuania
Dr Nadia Valman Zangwill’s Spitalfields App: Animating Victorian London’s Jewish Heritage Queen Mary, University of London UK
Jonathan Webber Making sense of the Polish Jewish heritage: The challenges for a Jewish museum Jagiellonian University, Krakow Poland
Anna Wencel Local Jewish History and Heritage in Official Narratives. Analysis of the content of official websites of county towns in Southern Poland Fundacja Galicia Jewish Heritage Institute Poland
Mirjam Wenzel, Michael Lenarz The Jewish Museum Frankfurt and the city’s Jewish Heritage Jewish Museum Frankfurt Germany
Tsila Zak The Jewish Memorial Center in Vilnius Independent Researcher Israel / Sweden
Mordechai Zalkin Preservation vs. Development under the shadow of the Holocaust Ben Gurion University Israel
MD. Salim Zaweed Synagogues of Calcutta: History, Architecture and Conservation Presidency University, Kolkata India
Peninah Zilberman Jewish Heritage: Coming Home to Sighet Seventy Years Later Fundatia Tarbut Sighet Cultura si Educatie Ludaica Romania

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