Getting Here


The closest airport to the city of Kraków is John Paul II International Airport at just 15km from the city centre.

Airport has regular direct air connections from and to major European hubs. There are also domestic flights to and from Poland’s capital city Warsaw, and transit connections via Warsaw link Kraków with the wider world.


Kraków Glowny Station (the main rail station) is situated most conveniently in the city centre, close to the Old Town historic district and within easy walking distance of many hotels in the Old Town area.

The station is well connected to wider Europe, with expresses trains from major cities such as Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Budapest. Expresses run also to all major cities in Poland. Most notably is the shuttle express service to and from capital Warsaw where the 300-km trip takes just under two and a half hours.


The A4 highway runs right through Kraków, connecting it to Berlin.

The speed limit in Poland is generally 50km/hr in cities, 90km/hr outside urban areas, 120km/hr on dual carriageways and 140km/hr on motorways. All cars must have their headlights switched on at all times and carry a red warning triangle, first aid kit, replacement bulbs, a national identity sticker and proper registration and insurance documents.

Kraków bus station is part of the same complex as the main rail station. Regular coach and bus services go to major European Cities, as well as around Poland itself. Plan your route and book tickets:

The bus station comprises two floors with access to two levels of bus departure gates. Those arriving to Kraków by bus will find taxis nearby on both the upper and lower floors, as well connections to public transport nearby.


As each country is different when it comes to visa requirements, we ask that you check this information on your government’s travel website, and seek advice from your institute or organisation. Some visas can take up to three months to process and will require an invitation letter to the Conference.

If you require a visa to enter Poland, please send the following details to

  • Your full name as it appears on your passport:
  • Nationality:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Passport Number:
  • Passport Type:
  • Home/Mobile Number:
  • Email Address:
  • A scanned copy of your passport

Top Tips

An excellent public transport planner for the city can be found here: