Welcoming the Torch of Heritage and Culture

5 European Year of Cultural HeritageOn Thursday 6th September, we will welcome the Torch of Heritage and Culture in a special ceremony as part of its Europe-wide tour. A Future for Religious Heritage initiative inspired by the Olympic Torch of Athens, the Torch of Heritage and Culture has been created to to raise awareness and safeguard the importance of Europe’s rich religious heritage.

The FRH Torch is a memory treasure box, containing personal letters from prominent members of the international community but also from European citizens themselves. These letters, contributed during the the European tour, describe personal memories and stories relating to religious heritage.

In celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Torch of Heritage and Culture will travel to Krakow and receive new contributions during a special ceremony at the Urban Jewish Heritage Conference.

The FRH Torch will travel Europe, stopping at a number of events and collecting new contributions. These, in turn, will be presented to the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr Tibor Navracsics,at the FRH Conference taking place on 11-13 October in Paris.

The FRH Torch will bring together diverse community groups with different traditions and languages in an action to foster unity while celebrating Europe’s diversity. The Torch will offer visibility and carry the messages of ministers for culture and politicians, artists, scientists, European citizens, as well as refugees, all of whom will help rediscover the value of our shared heritage.

Find out more about the Torch of Heritage and Culture here.

Submit a letter to the Torch of Heritage and Culture here.



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