Parliamentary Launch for Mapping Europe’s Historic Synagogues Project

The Foundation  for Jewish Heritage recently commissioned research, undertaken by the Center for Jewish Art of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to create an inventory of the historic synagogues across the whole of Europe, categorising each synagogue building according to its (i) significance and (ii) condition.

The research identified over 3,300 sites, of which under a quarter are today functioning synagogues.

This mapping was undertaken to ensure the Foundation can be comprehensive and strategic in its approach to its preservation agenda, able to identify which are today the most important synagogue sites most at risk, and it is now working to help save a prioritised number.

The project was launched by a special reception in the Speaker’s Residence at the Houses of Parliament. Opened by Rt Hon John Bercow MP, and attended by supporters such as Natasha  Kaplinsky and Simon Schama MBE, the event saw the launch of the Historic Synagogues of Europe digital inventory, which can be found here:

Take a look at the speeches and interviews from the launch event here:


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