Welcome Reception at Wielopolski Palace


Palac Wielopolskich, 1836

On the evening of Monday 3rd September, the City of Krakow warmly invite conference delegates to a Welcome Reception which will take place at the beautiful Wielopolski Palace. Originally built in the 1560’s for Polish nobleman Jan Amor Tarnowski, this 16th Century palace is located in the city’s historical Old Town, a short walk from the impressive Main Square. Throughout the centuries, the building has had various public uses as a place for theatre productions, art exhibitions, grand masquerade balls and a studio gallery for celebrated Polish Romantic painter Piotr Michałowski.

LaurKrakowabyVetulani_By Franciszek Vetulani.JPG

Council Chamber, by Franciszek Vetulani

The Municipality of Krakow purchased the Wielopolski Palace in 1864, and carried out extensive restoration work to the building. Today the space is used by the City for meetings of the council, and offices for the Mayor and city officials.  When you walk into the grand entrance hall, don’t forget to look up where you’ll see an ornately painted ceiling, and many original features that have been faithfully restored.

617549. Wielopolski Palace

Palace paintings, by Mateusz Giełczyński



Reception hosted by the Krakow Convention Bureau, City of Krakow.

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